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William began his relationship with art at a very early age. A self-taught artist, he has intimately studied drawing, painting, graphic design, and sculpture. He broadened his horizons under the tutelage of accomplished artists Emma Amos, Lauren Ewing, and Raphael Ortiz while enrolled at Mason Gross School of the Arts, graduating Rutgers University under full academic scholarship with a focus on painting and color theory. Recognized by The Art Institute of New Jersey as an “Outstanding Visual Artist”, William’s works have been displayed across the nation both in exhibition and digitally online. Through his work, William discovers a world of escapism. Focusing on the inner self—dreams and emotions--William strives to illustrate each thought and sensation clearly, with a strong understanding of colors & textures and their respective application and interpretation. Many times, a piece is not a planned project. Starting with a blank canvas, most of William’s work stems from whatever specific feelings consume him at that moment. From there, the work in progress is merely voice to his inner thoughts—an improvisational piece until completion. Each work is also created within a singular session. The idea behind this approach is that a painting captures a select moment in / of time and a completed painting is a visual history of that expanse. In that way, each painting stands as a visual record of the life of the artist in that moment. ​To complete a work in multiple sessions would only serve to lose focus of a painting, muddling it with multiple ideas and frames of mind. Each piece of his newest series is therefore a fluidly successful rendering of William's thoughts, emotions, ideas, mindset and more on the day it was created.

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